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23 June 2006 @ 12:21 am
Fic: Untitled [Prince of Tennis] Eiji/Fuji, PG-13/Rish?  

An unfinished Eiji/Fuji ficlet for a friend.

Title: None yet!
Author: ME
Fandom: PoT
Characters: Fuji and Eiji *____* :x
Rating: PG-13ish so far?
Warnings: *cough* um, see picture?
Disclaimer: I don't own PoT! :(

Eiji was bad at hiding things from Fuji. Eiji had learned how to hide things from their other friends, but he could never quite manage it with Fuji. It drove him insane because sometimes he wanted nothing more than to surprise his friend. Like now, for instance.

Currently, they were studying in Fuji's room. (They really were.) Fuji's mother and sister had gone to visit Fuji's father for the week, and Fuji had stayed behind because of various school and tennis events. Eiji was spending a few nights over. They were going to have a Study Night, a Regulars Come Over Night, a Movie Night, a PlayStation Night, and possibly other Nights that no one else needed to know about. And Eiji had a plan for this night, even though Oishi and Momo might come over.

"Eiji, what are you up to?" Fuji's voice cut into his thoughts. He looked up, startled.

"What?" Eiji said quickly. "What are you talking about? I'm not up to anything!"

Fuji laughed. "You look more distracted than usual. I can't help but think you have something on your mind. Care to share it with me?"

Eiji hoped he wasn't blushing. He did so very easily sometimes, so it was likely he was turning pink. He ducked his head in his geometry book instead. He hoped he could pull this off. It wouldn't work if Fuji knew. Well, it would work just fine. Eiji just knew it would work better his way. Fuji would like it much more if he were surprised.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Fujiko. What about number twelve? What did you get for that one?"

Fuji let it drop, an amused smile on his face. A small smile crossed Eiji's own as he looked at Fuji, who nodded slightly at him. Good, Eiji thought. Perhaps this would work out after all.

A short time later, their books lay untouched on the study table, and Eiji lay next to Fuji on his bed, their hands lazily sliding under each others shirts. They weren't kissing yet, just looking and touching. This couldn't be done often; usually, they were under time constraints. But it was one of their favorite things to do, possibly because they did it so rarely. Eiji loved touching Fuji. It was such an intimate thing to do. He loved the sensations he could cause with his fingers, his nails, his hands and tongue. And he loved the way Fuji could make him feel with the same actions. Touching. Just touching.

With a tilt of his head, Fuji brought his mouth to Eiji's for a soft, brief kiss. Eiji smiled and slid his left hand up Fuji's ribs to his collarbone, pushing up Fuji's light blue t-shirt.

"Fuji?" He looked up. The color of the shirt made Fuji's eyes startlingly bright, the blue reflecting intensely.


"...Would you mind if...I was thinking, and it might be nice if...I wanted to know if you would...this feels nice, right?" he finished hurridly, eyes darting up to meet Fuji's slightly confused ones.

Fuji laughed softly. "Saaa, it feels very, very nice. You know how much I like this." He touched the tip of his finger to Eiji's nose and slid it down to the end with a tap. "But, is that what you meant to say to me, Eijiko? Or is there more?"

Eiji blushed furiously and smiled a wicked grin. He should just say it. "Fujikooo...I...I love the way it feels when you touch me. Just touch me. I like to close my eyes sometimes and guess what you'll do next, where you'll touch. And it just...I like the surprise." Eiji lowered his eyes and brought his hand up to Fuji's mouth, touching his lips with warm fingers. Fuji smiled, sticking out his tongue to Eiji's fingertips. In a rush of excitement, Eiji leaned over and kissed Fuji.

"Fuji, let me blindfold you? Please?" He said it quickly, so he wouldn't lose his nerve. Fuji's eyes opened, his lips parting in surprise. Eiji hoped he said 'yes'. Moments passed where Fuji made a few non-discernable faces, which showed his level of shock at Eiji asking such a question. He really did not expect that to come from Eiji. He didn't think that was what was on Eiji's mind. Eiji grinned in delight. He loved surpising Fuji like this. If only he could do it every day. It was hard to shock Fuji.

"I take your stunned silence as permission, Fujiko. Ne?" Eiji began to slide off of the bed onto the floor, his eyes trained on Fuji and smirk growing. Fuji couldn't say 'no' now.

Eiji rummaged around in his bag for a moment before pulling out the bandana he'd managed to acquire. A burst of laughter greeted him as he turned towards Fuji, green bandana in hand. Eiji gleefully joined in.

"How did you get a bandana from Kaidoh-kun? It mustn't have been easy!" Fuji couldn't stop laughing. Kaidoh guarded his bandanas like precious stones.

Eiji just kept laughing. "I'll never tell youuuuu!!!" he giggled out. Fuji joined him again, peals of laughter bouncing off the walls. Eiji always told things to Fuji at the appropriate time. It was not the right time to tell stories now.

"Weren't you going to blindfold me, Eijiko?" Fuji reached up and pulled a strand of Eiji's hair softly, letting his hand trail down Eiji's face to his neck and chest.

"And what will you do once you have me at your mercy?" Fuji inquired, holding Eiji's gaze, lazy smile vanishing.

Eiji just moved forward.