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Here be the fic I've written in easier to find format. Mostly its in order written. Kinda. The HARRY POTTER was written first and then the PoT was written next and when I find the other drabblish things I've written, if I feel like it, I'll add them in. The JE is in order but the drabbles are mixed in. I won't put those in with the fics. I think I have another HP fic somewhere if I can ever locate it.

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Ohkura: Sexy like this~

Fic: Irresistible Things [Ohkura/Uchi, R]

Title: Irresistible Things
Character/Pairing: Ohkura/Uchi
Rating: R
Notes: AU, Hokura-verse. Boys aren't mine still yet. Funny how the last two attempts at fic-writing from me are in this verse XD Just to set it up a little since I have it mostly all plotted out in my head but I haven't written most of it yet, Uchi is a new, um. Boy on the block~ Ohkura's block *dies* They haven't been getting along at all and snark at each other and such a lot. Uchi wears this annoyingly shiny lip gloss (you know, like most JE boys are known to do at sometime or another <.< And well. This is just after one night hanging out because they do become "friends", or atleast people who sometimes hang out and drink together.

Written last night to impynymph and ryogrande for Noelle's prompt: Collapse )
And now, fic0rz. Finally. MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~~ ^_^

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Oh YAY!!!, HOORAY!, Kura *\o/*

Scans: Okura Solo Con 2008 Shop Pics

I come to share scans again ^_^

I just got in my Okura Solo Con shop pics!!!! My heart is so happy! For SO MANY REASONS. I got them as I was walking out the door to work this morning. ^^; My new job! I couldn't look in my bag until late in the afternoon, once I got off and then went to vote and did a few other things and THEN had time. <3 MY HEART <3 I wish I'd been able to see this con. <3 But today was a good day! Work was good. I voted! And we have a new, great wonderful historic incredible man for president <3333 Obama won! <33333 This is so unbelievable!!! :D Then, yesterday was impynymph's birthday and it was Ryo-chan's as well! ^_^ Tomorrow is airairo's birthday! I haven't been able to write well lately (my muse :(( has been away and failing me WOE but hopefully will return soon!!!) and, with my nerves, I scanned today! So this is for you guys! For your birthdays! ^_^ Happy birthday Noelle, Alissamaru, and Ryo-chan!!! ^_^ I hope you love your birthdays and, when I can, I will do more for you. ♥ ♥ ♥ I love you more than you will ever know <333333333333333333333

I was having troubles with my computer earlier (too little memory??? :(((( do I need a new harddrive??? ;___; wah) So some of the scans aren't as perfect or good as I'd like them. I couldn't open my scanner with my browser open and I didn't want to try to open Photoshop. I had to scan some of these a few times but wasn't able to do as many tries as I usually do. Also, some of the pics with no borders seem really cropped :( I don't know why my scanner is doing that. I tried to scan them a few times but with teh same results. Anyone know how to make your scanner NOT crop them??? Maybe it's because I stopped previewing each image???? It seems it kept making them SMALLER as it went D;

I might try to re-scan some of these then... PLEASE let me know if you'd like me to try again with some pics. I am iffy on how some of the colors came out on about 3 of them. Most of them came out just right but a few are odd to me XDDDD So I will probably, once I figure out my computer issue, try to fix the scans or re-scan them. ESPECIALLY if I figure out how to make my scanner not crop. I was T_T because the one of Kura leaning over in the red pants??? >.> There is a nice amount of space AFTER ALL OF HIM XDDDD *bootay* and there is space above his head too!!!! I scanned that pic 4 or 5 times and it kept cutting pieces out... asdkl SORRY FOR RAMBLING. But yes. ^_^ I'll definitely try to re-scan if anyone is interested and, because I know *I* want them to be better, too. :D Please have patience and I will do my best!!!

Thank you and enjoy! Credit is really nice and so are comments! In fact, they are ♥ :Dv

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Scans: Bidan 2008.10 [Okura Tadayoshi]

I come with scans of Ohkura's October Bidan issue! I know I've seen two posts of this magazine already scanned, but the scans were small. ^^;; So I thought I'd share some larger scans of the magazine for anyone who wants larger scans :D These scans are about 2502x3331. Credit is really nice, but just don't claim them as your own or hotlink or stuff. Also, commenting is nice, too, just so I know that people are interested and it's not just me and 4 others ^_^;;

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BOOTAY!, Do you like my squishy?, Shake your rump!

Fic: One Hour Porn Challenge attempt [Ohkura, Ryo, G]

Title: Untitled, unfinished ficlet written for the One Hour Porn Challenge
Characters/Pairing: Ohkura, Ryo.
Rating: G [lol I totally failed in getting to their angry!i-missed-you!UGH!make-up sex D; D; D;]
Notes: AU, written in the Hokura-verse and inspired by K8's 'Wahaha' PV. So yeah. The start of another part in this series. It'll be finished but probably not posted for a while because lots of stuff happens before this happens. Failiso.

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Ohkura: Sexy like this~

Scans! Kanjani8 (Summer 2008)

MOAR SCANS~ I guess they're pretty HQ?? Yeah? Here are the other pictures I have!! REST OF EITO! Honestly, I haven't really seen any of these scanned before (besides the Ryo ones! ;D I only scanned because I thought I didn't have the uchiwa and yellow shirt one, and I figured I'd scan the hotness one while I had them out). ;D Before anyone D:-faces at lack of Maru scans: airairo scanned the ones I have and posted them here yesterday plus TONS moar. But if anyone would like me to scan them (they'd be the same size as the rest of the pics here), just let me know and I'll add them in! ^_^ [ADDED!] Hopefully, within the next couple weeks, I'll be getting another package (this time courtesy of swtjemz, who is my ♥ and I owe her like, half my internal organs and a limb for being so amazing), so expect some more scans of things...probably Okura~ ;P because ♥UNF♥!!!

Edit: Also, some of them are a little crooked? One pack of the cards was under my bento so the edge is curled. I had it in the book with Ohkura for a few days but it was still curved and hard to get the scanner lid to close properly (the scans kept turning when I'd close the lid). If I can figure out a way to make the edges fixed and scan them again straighter, I will. I guess I could've just cropped them in PS .... xDDDD My brain. I'll get better at scanning! Any shadows or odd-ish coloring are on the actual pics. Some of them look like they have bad lighting and really warm coloring that sometimes seems to scan oddly.

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As with my previous post, credit is not mandatory but very appreciated. I just ask that you please let me know if you take them! ^_^ It'lll be more exciting to share the next batch if I know that this batch was enjoyed ;D

SCANS: Ohkura from Spring/Summer 2008


airairo picked these up for me in ~Japan~ a few weeks ago ILUSM ♥ So I wanted to share them! They are from the K8 Summer Con and various places around Osaka ("seedy idol shops" XDDDD). ^_^ I got them in the mail a few days ago and was so excited that many of them were pictures I haven't seen posted before in my envelope. :DDD So, of course, I wanted to share them! There are a few that might have been posted already but I only had scans of two or three. :D The one of Ohkura playing drums with English words at the bottom is a papa trading card. The black and white one is, of course, the post card. The TORN pics are papa pics as are the Wahaha performance one with Ryo-chan and the one of Green Ranger sprawled out onstage.

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Some of the color might be a little off since I am not a scanning expert, but I did my best! :D Enjoy everyone! I am glad to finally be able to contribute some things that maybe have not been posted yet. :D If you would like to credit me, that's fine, but it's not mandatory. Please just let me know if you take them! ^_^

FIC: Third Time's the Charm [Ryo/Yasu/Subaru, R]

Title: The Third Time's the Charm
Rating: R-ish, I guess.
Threesome: Yasu/Subaru/Ryo
Summary: Three really is Ryo's lucky number.
Warnings: None?
Notes: Originally written for jthreesome as a gift for pashoshi.

Original notes: I hope you like this, pashoshi! It was harder than I thought to write Yasu/Subaru/Ryo even though I LOVE these three and think they should always be written. So I hope I wrote something you enjoy! I wanted to try for angst but that didn't happen. Sorry :[ I really hope you like this and that it works for you. Thank you to my betas: Alissa, Kya and Gen and Noelle. Without your help and encouragement and honesty, I couldn't have finished this. ♥

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