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07 January 2008 @ 08:33 am
[Fic - Ten minute drabbles (Various pairings, G to PG-13?)]  
Just putting these here so I don't lose them :| Sorry if some of you have seen them before. I just want to have everything in one place and easy for me to find. D:

I wrote these as 10 minute challenges with different people [this batch with procreational and yamapea, where each of us gave a word prompt and then wrote on whichever one(s) inspired us enough. Any pairings/people we wanted. None are even remotely done or edited and possibly are beginnings or parts of fic I will work on in the future. Because I do like the idea behind some of them quite a bit. :D

Clare and me:

[Ryo/Ohkura: after that one ep with the ball-balancing and Ohkura fail]

Ohkura was severly disappointed. His hip hurt. His elbow hurt. His hand hurt. Hell, his ass hurt. Fucking balls, he thought, as he rubbed his...backside with a pout. Who's brilliant idea was it to do that balancing stunt? On national tv, no less. He sighed.

"Still brooding?"

Ohkura looked up to see Ryo, lip curled up on one side and laughter in his eyes, looking down at him as he hovered over Ohkura's head, hands planted on either side of the sofa back.

Ohkura turned his head and tightened his arms folded across his chest.

"No," he said, staring at the mirror across the room. Ryo caught his eye, tilted his head.

"You're just mad because you couldn't do it, Tacchon." He lifted one hand to ruffle Ohkura's hair. Ohkura shook him off and Ryo laughed.

"Am not."

"Sure you are. You suck at balancing." Ryo hopped over the back of the sofa and settled -- close into Ohkura's side.

"Hm. If I'd known, I could have practiced and not looked like a complete fool."

"But where's the fun in that, Tacchon?"

Ohkura tried not to laugh as Ryo leaned into him, poking his fingers into his ribs.

Me and yamapea:

[Tegoshi, Ryo, Pi...ponta]

Tegoshi walked into the dressing room, soda in hand. He continued to the mirrored wall where he gazed at himself for a few moments before popping the top of the Ponta can. A huge grin spread across his face as he held up the purple can to his face, smile never faltering.

Ryo and Pi watched him from the couch, turning their faces to each other, eyebrows raised in a silent question: What the fuck?

Tegoshi nodded and continued posing for a few more seconds before beginning to raise the can to his mouth, his eyes never leaving his own reflection.

It was eerie, watching Tegoshi converse with himself in this odd, odd way. He still hadn't drank the damned soda, Ryo thought, annoyed.

He was about to say something when Yamapi said it for him.

"Tego. What. The fuck."

Startled, Tegoshi turned to face them. Like he hadn't noticed them there before.

"Oh!" he said. "Ryo-tan. Yamashita-kun. I didn't see you there." Tego smiled a sunny smile. Ryo and Yamapi exchanged glances. When their eyes returned to Tegoshi, however, the bright can had been brought to Tegoshi's lips. As he tipped his head back (in a very graceful gesture), Ryo and Yamapi couldn't help but stare. The way Tegoshi's jaw moved while drinking was fascinating. The way his adam's apple bobbed with each swallow was riviting. Even the small trail of dark liquid dripping from the corner of his lip--

Tegoshi stopped drinking and turned to Ryo and Yamapi, wiping his lip with his thumb.


Me and Clare

[Ryo/Uchi. I need to brush up on some things before attempting to continue this. T_T]

Ryo looked up at Uchi from where he sat on the floor [Uchi was curled up on the sofa of Ryo's apartment directly behind him].

"You know, I've been thinking," he said, a slight slur in his voice that no one else would have noticed unless they were really paying attention or knew Ryo well enough. Uchi knew Ryo could hide his drunkenness quite well, even after -- Uchi glances at the table in front of them -- 3/4ths of a bottle of vodka. Uchi doesn't pay any mind to the half-bottle of tequila next to it and lifts his hand almost absentmindedly to Ryo's hair, weaving his fingers into the dark, messy strands.

"What have you been thinking, Ryo-chan?" he murmurs, lifting his glass to his lips. The acid from the lime of his drink stings his chapped lips and he clips his teeth down over them.

"I've been reading." Uchi nods, pushing his fingertips slighly down on Ryo's scalp, noting Ryo slide futher down, closer in to Uchi, leaning into the touch. "Books by Kant and Nietszche...you know, they really have some interesting things to say."

"Unh." Uchi agrees, letting Ryo go on [[about the things he's read and what he thinks and how it changed the way he thinks about some thing and how it made him question motivations and the way the world works and how things are promoted in life